Right Plant, Right Place                                                                                                    saves water in your landscape!

Gardening is a skill developed over time. Publications from Extension, great gardening books as well as shared knowledge of  first hand experiences, and a passion for plants combine to make real the inner vision of how beautiful your garden will look.

Garden lover and/or concerned world citizen we can all use more knowledge of plants that grow in our niche of the planet.
To expose and inspire the next generation of keepers of the green we've put our fingers in the dirt to make it happen! We dug in and now 5 years later we grow and give away over 1500 Florida-Friendly Landscaping plants, seeds and cuttings each year at our workshops and school visits.

Begin your journey or brush up on your gardening skills here:

Our South Florida Environment:
We are designated as Zone 10a and 10b by the USDA Plant Hardiness Map. This map is based on the average annual extreme low temperatures. The State of Florida ranges from Zone 8a to Zone 10b. In addition you need to specifically select plants for South Florida's climate and unique habits. Plants you may find in garden sections of local multi-purpose retail stores may not always be selected for our zone as they are centrally grown throughout the US and other parts of the world.

Other Factors, 9 Things you should know:
In 2001 Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Program of UF/IFAS began re-introducing home gardeners, to 9 principles to serve as guide in maintaining a healthy, vibrant and sustainable landscape that ensures our water resources are conserved and protected. Florida-Friendly Landscaping expanded the program to include landscape contractors, maintenance, architects and  landscape designers in 2008 and provides structured workshops via The Green Industry Best Management Practices (GI-BMP).

Start with #1 Right Plant, Right Place!
Principle # 1 is the foundation of a successful landscape/ garden/yard. Beyond how cold it may drip to in winter several key factors to consider are reviewed in this guide to plant selection.
Read this First (!) and continue with exploring the guides on all 9 Principles. and on your are on your way!

Please enjoy photos and information on some of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping plants we: 
Grow to Share!

Fruit, Vegetable and Edible Plants

Solanum lycopersicum/ Everglades tomatoes (seeds)

Manihot esculenta/Yucca, cassava (canes)

Gynura crepioides/Okinawa Spinach (cuttings)

Hibiscus acetosella Cranberry Hibiscus (cuttings and/or seeds)

Psophocarpus tetragonolobus/Winged Beans (seeds when available from Fruit and Spice Park harvest).

Annual Vegetable Seedlings (when available from UF/IFAS South West Research and Education Center, Late Fall.)

 Native Plants

 Salvia coccenia/Salvia, native (seeds, plants if available)

Passiflora superosa, corkystem passion flower (seeds, plants if available)

Senna ligustrina/Privet Senna (seeds, plants available)

 Phyla nodiflora/Frogfruit (plants)

                                                                                                               Sagittaria Lancifolia/Arrowhead (plants)

Pontederia cordata/Pickerel weed (plants)

 Solidago leavenworthii/Giant Goldenrod (plants)

Piscidia piscipula/Jamaican Dogwood (tree)

Florida-Friendly Landscaping Plants

Aloe Vera/Aloe (plants)

Zephyranthes sp./Rain Lilies (plants)

We will be adding different plants as we expand our shadehouse.
Please note plants are available at workshops, presentations and school visits and subject to availability.

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