Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Program

The Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Program (FYN) was developed to preserve Florida’s natural resources through education involving ‘Florida-friendly’ landscape principles. As part of the program we officially honor model landscapes that strive to protect our water and other natural resources by following these principles.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping principles:

Right Plant, Right Place
Water Efficiently
Fertilize Appropriately
Attract Wildlife
Manage Yard Pests Responsibly
Reduce Storm Water Runoff
Protect the Waterfront

Florida-Friendly landscapes are sustainable and healthy. Use the checklist to determine whether your yard qualifies. Also, learn about upcoming FYN classes and workshops covering the 9 principles.

Landscape Color

Butterfly Gardening
Groundcovers/Bedding Plants

Florida Native Plants

Invasive and Prohibited Plant List

FFL Videos:

Going Florida-Friendly-the case for low-maintenance plants

Going Florida-Friendly, part II-revisiting the case for low-maintenance plants, drought tolerant plants

Tour of a Florida-Friendly Landscape

Slideshow of Florida-Friendly landscapes developed by Polk County FYN

Video developed by Pinellas County Extension Service about composting

Video developed by Washington State University Clark County Extension:How to Hook Up a Rain Barrel

Video developed by NC State Extension titled How to Build a Rain Cistern