Friday, September 9, 2016

Birding, Butterflies, Barrels and Free Trees!

This month's special events all happen in our parks!

September is still a rain-filled month and a great time to add new plants to your landscape along with a rain barrel to save water for the dry months ahead. Focus on planting new trees and plants that attract butterflies and birds.

September 17th, 2016 

                                                                                                                                                                     You may have some tough choices choosing which event to attend this day!

Butterfly and Bird Day at Castellow Hammock 
Rain Barrel/Water Conservation Workshop at Deering Fee Free P.L.A.Y. Day 
Adopt-a-Tree at Doral Central Park

Butterfly and Bird Day. Fall migration has begun through the Atlantic Flyway and Castellow Hammock offers many opportunities to see these beautiful visitors. Migrating birds will visit your yard as well and some will stay if you welcome them with the right plants and a bird-friendly habitat.What are the right plants and how do you provide for butterflies and birds now and throughout the year? This is the event! Expert guest speakers, workshops, plants, bird walks, and butterfly viewing. Be sure to learn about what you can do to help save So. Florida's 39 Imperiled Butterflies.

Be a Scout for the Day at Deering's Fee Free P.L.A.Y. Day. Entrance is free for this day featuring, pinewood derby, rain gutter races, plant & bird identification, and knot tying. We will be there with a Rain Barrel/Water Conservation Workshop and working to inspire all Scouts to save water and preserve the threatened Pine Rockland Habitat at Camp Choee and Camp Mahacahee.

 Adopt-a-Tree finishes the prime planting season at Doral Central Park with Sugar Apple, Longan, Indian Tamarind and two native tree selections that are perfect for creating backyard habitat for birds and butterflies. Simpson Stopper (shown to left) and Paradise Tree  provide both nectar from flowers, food in the form berries, and cover for wildlife.

We keep coming back to butterflies, birds and habitat. Why? Below are pictures (not ours) of some of the visitors to our Extension grounds this past week. You can bring life to your garden too!

There is more!

September 24th Family Day 
The Smithsonian Water/Ways Exhibit has been touring the country and will be in Miami Springs at the historic Curtiss Mansion from September 10th thru October 22nd. 
See you at Family Day!
Visit the Mansion's website for the complete list of events.

 Save the Date 

GrowFest at the Fruit & Spice Park is coming October 15th and 16th. We will kick off our vegetable gardening season with "a celebration of all local things edible, green and growing".  

Happy Gardening!

Barbara McAdam
Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program
UF IFAS Extension Miami-Dade County

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