Thursday, March 5, 2015

Water, So Many Ways to Save It!

The message of Water Conservation and information on how to save water is everywhere. As a Water Conservation Educator I am perhaps acutely aware.  Below are upcoming events, current information and programs I have been seeing, hearing and eager to share with all of you!

Market Place  Water: The High Cost of Cheap has been airing on NPR/WLRN over the past few weeks. You can catch up on podcasts you have missed on their website. Their most recent podcast got my attention this past Friday. This is not a new concept however digesters have become more efficient.

The February 13th podcast Calculate how much water you use addresses how much water we use as individuals. If you do the math in the podcasts, an average family uses 100 gallons of water per person per day. The online version of this podcast links you to a Water Foot Print Calculator. What is not explained? Your water use number is how much water you use each day at home, work, play, in your yard etc. A Water Foot Print calculator estimates how much water is used to make your clothes, grow your food, and much more.

Miami Dade County Water & Sewer Department (WASD) carries a link to the EPA water savings calculator which shows you how much water you can save by installing water efficient fixtures (shower heads, faucets) and appliances (washing machines, dish washers). Link to WASD and you will find an extensive list of rebates/incentives-money back to you for saving water inside and outside.

South West Water Management District has good water use calculator on their website. However, for single family homeowners the most accurate way to measure your water use is to read your WASD water bill and do a small amount of simple math. Divide the total gallons of water you are being billed for by the number of days in the billing period and then divide the answer by the number of people in your household.

Need more than 50 Ways to Save? Link onto to the  Water Use It Wisely  website for 200 plus ways to save. Hover over each tip for additional information.

The key to saving water is awareness. Most of us do not realize how much water we are using. Once we become aware, the solutions are everywhere and they are simple.

Two special events take place in March every year to hone our focus on water. EPA Fix-a-Leak Week and the United Nations World Water Day.

Help save 1 trillion gallons of water. Link to EPA Fix-a-Leak Week campaign page and learn how to detect leaks and how to fix them yourself! The time to fix  leaks is when you find them, check your water meter, water bill for unusual water usage.

World Water Day 2015  focuses this year on Water and Sustainable Development and provides informative briefs covering 8 areas to be addressed at the Zaragoga Conference.

For children a theater play has been created. The play is 10 minutes long and covers the water cycle. At the end of the play each rain drop is speaking about the many places they have been, in a lake, in a cloud, underground, rain in Spain and more.

Celebrate water and life with the entire world.
                 Barbara McAdam, Program Outreach, Rain Barrel/Water Conservation Workshops

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