Thursday, March 27, 2014

Citizens for a Better South Florida Cistern Preparation Project Phase 2- Drip line irrigation

The cool breeze of Miami in early March was definitely a good time to complete the second phase of the Cistern project at the Citizens for a Better South Florida Bungalow. Once again the Urban Conservation Unit(UCU) joined forces with the University of Miami’s (UM) Engineers without Borders volunteers. The day's goal: install the drip line irrigation for the cistern-based system.
UF-UCU talks with UM Engineers without Borders!
We had the opportunity to listen to certified professionals Kevin Cavioli and Spencer Phillips explain different aspects of working with drip line.
Kevin talks drip!
Spencer lays out the plan
Drip irrigation is by far the best way to water shrubs, ornamental or trees because the water is dispensed at the root of the plant which is exactly where we want it.
Drip line
Though not as intense as digging trenches and cutting pipe, the day's labor was worth it. After the drip irrigation was installed, the lines were tested to check for clogs and also to ensure that all connections were correctly attached.
Drip line test
The UCU is excited to be part of this project, not only did we get to learn a few new skills in drip installation from the pro's but we also enjoyed very much working alongside great groups like Citizens for a Better South Florida and the UM Engineers without Borders. We'll definitely return to do our part for the final phases of work.

(images: Michael Gutierrezwater resources technician with UF/IFAS in the Ag & Bio Engineering Dept.)

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