Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Citizens for a Better South Florida Cistern Preparation Project

In January I put down my clipboard and picked up some PVC pipe for an innovative irrigation project at the Citizens for a Better South Florida Bungalow located in Little Havana. When finished, this effort is going to be a monument to conservation for all of Miami to enjoy. Work is currently underway and of course the Urban Conservation Unit (UCU) is assisting every step of the way. 

The project is centered on an old, underground rainwater collection cistern. The cistern will be used as the main water source for irrigation at the site. 

Cistern located at the Citizens for a Better South Florida Bungalow 
The irrigation layout includes a weather-based irrigation timer, the landscape grouped into hydro-zones, and temporary, low-volume irrigation. Initially, the system will be used to establish new, low-maintenance and native plants and later only in the event of extreme drought. It will also serve to demonstrate for visitors and the community that, with a little planning, re-used water can fuel an efficient irrigation design.

Jesus Lomeli (UCU tech) talks smart irrigation
After a half-day of trenching and pipe-laying, phase one of the cistern preparation project is complete. All of this was only possible thanks to the large volunteer turnout from University of Miami’s Engineers without Borders and help from a water tech from UF

Volunteers trenching it up!
We'll definitely keep you posted as the project moves forward.

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  1. Awesome work for a great cause.....I'm remodeling a 1924 Med Style in Miami Beach and I've a cistern that I'd like to get functioning again....can I get the name and number of the folks who restored yours Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!! John