Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014: The Year of Watering Efficiently

Smart irrigation controllers have grown in popularly in the recent years. The Urban Conservation Unit (UCU) believes that new technology like smart irrigation controllers can not only reduce water-use significantly but also maintain a wonderful, stress free landscape.
Weather based irrigation controller
However, many are still on the fence on whether to upgrade their irrigation timers to a smart controller. Well, if that’s you, UF's new mobile smart irrigation turf app will make you a believer. Available free at your favorite app store, the smart turf app allows you to mimic a smart controller with a mobile device by sending you alerts on how much time to set on your irrigation timer as well as when to turn it off, just like having a smart controller in the palm of your hand! Once you note the water savings for yourself using the smart turf app, you may be more willing to install an actual smart controller at your property.

The UCU can help you decide which smart controller suits your property best as well as recommend other ways to maximize water savings. If you live in Miami-Dade County and are considering installing a smart irrigation controller for your property, contact the UCU right now. Phone, twitter, facebook or email, we're here to help!


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  2. @Jancarlo Great! We also have a twitter account, you can follow some of our daily activities if you're interested. https://twitter.com/MiamiUCU