Friday, August 2, 2013

FYN/UCU Demo Garden Update

Happy Birthday to the FYN/UCU Demo Garden now growing for 3 years and into our 4th rainy season  Last year we added a salvaged shade house and made potting tables from old pallets and rain barrels that could not be thoroughly cleaned. Each year in addition to potting hundreds of native and Florida friendly plants to giveaway to folks who attend our presentations and workshops we add new plants to the demonstration area surrounding the nursery. These plants serve to showcase the beauty of mature species, provide a nectar source for pollinators and also are a source for cuttings for propagation and/or seed collection and perhaps most importantly they create a home for wildlife of all kind.
P.S. Of course we wait until rainy season to plant our new selections for the landscape!

We grow a number of less common vegetable and herb plants and seeds (Hibiscus sabdarifa,Luffa cylindrica,Hibiscus acetosella, Celiosia argentea, Everglades tomato, and Plectranthus ambionicus nicodemus) to share with school gardens and this year the UF/IFAS/South West Florida Research & Education Center will be providing vegetable and herb plant starts for school gardens. We will soon have these in our shade house to share at school garden workshops and school site visit. Plants SWFREC will be sharing are cabbage, kale, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, collards, and eggplant.

For the adventurists school garden we will be sharing cuttings of dragon fruit (pitaya)/ Hylocereus undatus. If you are not familiar with dragon fruit than you need to visit the Fruit & Spice Park or stop by Roberts is Here for a taste and a look at how this interesting fruiting cactus grows.

We will continue to visit schools to assist in installing free rain barrels and reviewing garden site locations and consultations. Last year we had the opportunity to visit 66 school and community gardens, install 51 rain barrels and teach 3497 students and teachers about Water Conservation.

Enjoy these photos of our demo garden/shadehouse and stop by anytime for a guided tour!
Call first and make sure one of our FYN/UCU Team is in the office. We are often on the go visiting schools,conducting irrigation efficiency assessments, and doing workshops throughout Miami Dade County.

Stay Cool and have a great summer-Barbara             

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