Monday, May 6, 2013

Get Ready for Rain!

It’s late spring and we are on the cusp of the of the rainy season. Now is a good time to check your irrigation system to make sure your timer is programmed correctly. Watering restrictions are currently in place, so it’s important to have the correct time and date for your system.

Most digital timers are very intuitive, so programming them is easier.  If you have any doubts, checking your owner’s manual. 

Digital Timer

Mechanical timers have most people screaming for help when it comes to programming. This timer even looks scary! But don’t worry we’re here to help! The Urban Conservation Unit (UCU) has developed a short educational video to help you better understand how this mechanical timer works. 

With the rainy season approaching, it’s a good idea to have a rain shut - off device on your irrigation system to avoid overwatering your landscape. If you have a rain shut-off device on your irrigation system (like a rain sensor or a soil moisture sensor), make sure it is functioning properly before the storms roll in! Don’t be that house in the neighborhood watering after a down pour!
make sure your rain sensor or a soil moisture is properly functioning

Lastly, It’s always a great time to have your irrigation system evaluated for leaks, uniformity and inefficiencies.
the UCU doing what we do best, irrigation assessments

Did you know that homeowners in Miami-Dade County can receive a free irrigation evaluation with possible rebates for improving sprinkler system efficiency? If that’s you, contact Jesus Lomeli @ 305-248-3311 ext. 246 or for more details go to Efficient Irrigation Rebates.

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