Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Earth Month April Begins in MARCH!

I once wished that every day could be as full of wonderful events as Earth Day............................
and also I am reminded of these words to the wise "be careful what you wish for"! Below please find a list of some of my favorite events of March & April and some of the places we will be.

Come visit, learn and have fun!

Link to the Baynanza site to see events through out March and April and also select your beach or bay clean up site and organize your clean up team. Last day to register your team is March 29th.

March 22nd World Water Day  Visit the UN International World Water Day website dedicated to "focusing attention on freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources". Now you can view World Water Day events through out the world!

Native Plant Day March 23rd. Click here to link to the list of talks and demonstrations. Interested in learning more about the beautiful birds that visit your yard every winter, come early, 8:00 a.m. and take a guided tour of Bill Sadowski Park. P.S. This is a great event to shop new native plants for your garden.

Fix-a-Leak Week   March 18 -24, 2013
We revisit Lowes Home Improvement Store in Miami Lakes to
teach Rain Barrel/Water Conservation, Right Plant, Right Place on March 23rd. Folks also have an opportunity to create their own rain barrel to take home. Learn how to fix a leaking faucet or toilet and how to use the WaterSense label  identify the most water efficient product.

7th Annual Tree Summit March 27th.  Visit  Million Trees Miami for details on this annual event, view the Miami Dade County Street Tree Master Plan, view the number of trees planted to date and more and learn how you can join the effort!

EEP/ Environmental Education Providers of Miami 
April 3rd meeting at Citizens for a Better South Florida
EEP "is a consortium of local not-for profit organizations, government agencies, universities, public school educators and
administrators from Miami-Dade County who share a common interest in providing environmental education to the community of Miami-Dade County".

Citizens for a Better South Florida  "is dedicated to grass-roots, community-based environmental education that inspires citizens to become good stewards of South Florida’s environment.  Programming is developed for hands-on learning and promotes citizen-led action".

Rain Barrel/Water Conservation Workshop April 6th 
Each year we schedule Rain Barrels/Water Conservation Workshops at locations throughout Miami-Dade County. Folks have an opportunity to create their own rain barrel to take home and exchange their old shower heads and light bulbs for new water and energy efficient shower heads and light bulbs.. Our April workshop collaborates with Miami Dade County Public Libraries to bring this workshop to the community of Kendall at the Kendall Regional Library.

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