Thursday, June 28, 2012

Congratulation Miami Dade We are Saving Water!

Our daily per person average water usage has dropped from 138 gallons per day to 134 gallons per day. This may not seem like a significant savings but multiply 4 gallons saved per day by 2.5 million people and we save a whopping 10 million gallons of water each day! 

For more information how much water we are saving see the May article in the Miami Herald.

When I first came on board the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Program in 2006 Miami Dade County residents were using an average of 156 gallons of water per day per person(pdpp). We are making great progress drop by drop but we still have a ways to go to reach EPA's target of 60 gallons pdpp for the United States. Note this includes your inside and outside water usage-total.

Don't get nervous, we can totally do this. Great Britain, Germany and Brazil use between 37 and 47 gallons day per person. If they can do it so can we! Are you ready for a 40 gallon challenge?
My water number is 40 gallons per day per person. If I can do I'm sure you can two.  P.S. you'll need to install rain barrels and create a Florida-Friendly Landscape that can exist primarily on rainfall.

Start by finding out now much or how little water you use each day. Check your water bill or use the Water Use Calculator.

Saving Water is Easy. Visit our Extension web pages and our partners in water conservation, Miami Dade Water & Sewer Department and South Florida Water Management District. Attend a Rain Barrel/Water Conservation Workshop which features Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Right Plant, Right Plant principle #1 and receive a free low maintenance landscape plant.

Did you know approximately half of our daily water usage is used for landscape irrigation? Roughly 67 gallons per day. Stay tuned for details on our upcoming Irrigation Workshop in July and learn how to use just the right amount of water for your lawn.

This is Barbara saying over and out to the shade house to grow more plants to giveaway -lots of web-links and great information in this blog-you'll be busy!
Have a wonderful 4th of July holiday!

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  1. Congratulations! You did a great job! I agree that most of water consumption was coming from irrigation, with your guidance and tips I am sure that people will educate and inform on how to make their lawn healthy and beautiful with a proper usage of irrigation.