Thursday, April 5, 2012

Every Day is Earth Day

We’ve launched into April a.k.a. Earth Month.  The entire month is filled
with events focusing on the health of our planet Earth and what we can do 
as individuals  to create and maintain a sustainable world in balance with 
nature and our environment. One easy way to save water takes us back to 
March 12 thru 18, 2012 which was EPA Fix-a-Leak Week
This is an annual event to remind us to look for leaks and provides information
on how to fix simple leaks. 
And like many of the ways to conserve water it is easy to do.

Our Water Conservation Partners at Miami Dade Water & Sewer  have a special page dedicated to helping us find and fix leaks at 
 Make a schedule to check for leaks throughout the year.

Our March 18th Rain Barrel/Water Conservation Workshop partnered  with EPA, Miami Dade Water & Sewer  and for the first time with Lowes Home Improvement Stores. The workshop took place in- store and featured mini hands on demonstrations on how to fix a leak in addition to the rain barrel, water conservation and composting workshop.
Why so much focus on fixing leaks? 
 Most of us do not realize how much water  (pure drinking water) is lost to leaks.  EPA estimates a TRILLON gallons of  water is wasted each year in the U.S. from leaks. And leaks inside the house that end up down the drain add to the  amount of waste water that needs to be  treated by Miami Dade Water & Sewer. 
Leaks can also add up to an expensive water bill$$$$

Leaks are a primary source of wasted water outdoors in our irrigation systems. 
Our UCU/Urban Conservation Unit, funded by Miami Dade Water & Sewer
Department conducts Landscape Irrigation Evaluations. UCU finds leaks and 
other problems and provides a report for Home Owners, Businesses and 
Home Owner Associations to use to increase the efficiency of their irrigation
systems. In addition Miami Dade Water & Sewer offers rebates incentives
for increasing the efficiency of the irrigation systems evaluated by the UCU. 
Fixing leaks accounts for a staggering amount of water saved by the efficiency

Browse our blogspot at and see
what the Urban Conservation Unit (UCU) encounters on the job in our urban
landscapes each day. We could be visiting you soon!

It is always the right time to conserve water and we all know the time to fix 
leak is when you find it! Make a schedule to check for leaks throughout the year and

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  1. I think this is great, so much water gets wasted.