Monday, September 26, 2011

FYN Demo Gardens - one year later

A tad over a year old, our FYN/UCU Demonstration Garden has now grown through two rainy seasons.

The garden is primarily home for the Florida-Friendly plants we grow to give away at our workshops and serves to showcase creative ways to demonstrate container gardening for the space and budget challenged.

At the start of this years rainy season we decided to plant some of our favorites in the garden. Free them from their pots and let them grow!

The results are a garden space vibrant with color, food for both people and the wildlife and more interesting plants to share at our workshops.

Please enjoy our attempts to capture the garden’s spirit. 

Butterfly Pea/Clitoria ternatea

Malabar Spinach/Basella Ruba

Pickerel Weed/Pontederia Cordata

Fence with 2 types of basil planted in 2-litre soda bottles.

Compost Happening

 Rain Water Collecting!

  Rainy Days

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