Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ready for Rain

We are counting down to rainy season! Before the rain begins we may swelter through some of the driest, hottest weather ever recorded for this time of year. We may also face an increased risk of saltwater intrusion in our drinking water. Here at the Extension office we are connecting rain barrels and using a solar powered submersible pump to use our collected rainwater. The goal is to sustain the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods plant nursery and exhibit garden with rainwater. Here are some "to dos" before the rainy season gets here.
Yearly Rain Barrel Maintenance 
If you have a rain barrel at home you should clear the rain gutters of any leaves and do a yearly cleaning of the rain barrel once it totally runs dry. Give the barrel a quick rinse with clean water or a mild solution of dish detergent. All the screening material used for the barrel should be checked for small holes that mosquitos might access.

Garden Planning
Now is a good time to finalize plans for new garden plants and features.  Do your research: how big, flowering season, sun or shade, butterfly attractor, etc. You may find weeds a bit easier to pull out of dry soil at this time and you can get a head start on them before they respond to the rainy season. Hand pulling weeds now can save work and perhaps the need to resort to chemical control. Hand pulling also removes the entire root system eliminating the need for repeat chemical control and/or weed whacking. 

Call us for helpful ideas and information on what plants really do grow well here! 
Hang in there, hopefully rainy season will start soon!

Barbara McAdam
305-248-3311 ext. 246

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