Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drip irrigation - the most efficient way to water your plants

Watering plants such as shrubs and trees with sprays and rotors is not efficient and it is not good for the plant.  A good portion of the water through these types of sprinklers is lost to wind drift or evaporation before it ever touches the plants (see picture below).

Repeatedly wetting the leaves of a shrub can cause leaf spot disease and watering too often with too much water can cause fungus. In the picture below is a shrub that was killed with too much love (water).

What is the answer? Switch your sprays and rotors that are irrigating shrubs with drip irrigation.  This type of irrigation uses the least amount of water and will keep your plants beautiful!

Check out this video of a site here in Miami that traded their outdated irrigation system for drip!

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