Thursday, February 3, 2011


Have you noticed it looks like autumn in some parts of Miami-Dade County? Cooler than normal weather and several nights hovering near or below freezing have resulted in a "fall" of leaves.

Beautiful bright colors we seldom see abound. We will also see plenty of black or clear plastic bags full of these treasures waiting to be picked up with other yard debris.

Stop! These brown, gold and red beauties can be turned into rich "black gold" compost that you can create in your own yard! Combine the leaves with your other yard debris and kitchen scraps.

Composting made simple and easy is the focus of the free workshops Master Gardeners now offer with our rain barrel/water conservation workshops. Check our calendar (lower right hand side of this webpage) for workshop dates and locations. You can also skip ahead to the vegetable section of our website which will lead you to composting publications. Or just give us a call!

Barbara McAdam 
305-248-3311 ext. 245


  1. I've heard that it's best to compost leaves seperate from other organic waste - do they take longer to rot down?

  2. Brown leaves will compost about the same time as kitchen scraps.Remember-review the online publications and choose your composting style to match your composter-animal proteins and fats need high heat to compost, avoid these unless you are using a closed vessel that can reach 160 degree temp. Green leaves do need more time to break down. And again-review the publications to ensure a good mixture of brown and "green" material, air and water!

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