Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FYN plant nursery in progress

The Miami-Dade Florida Yards and Neighborhoods team is starting a plant nursery! We are growing Florida-Friendly plants to demonstrate the variety of low-maintenance plants that are available to homeowners. These plants will be raffled off at some of our workshops (See post titled "Free Plants" for a list of plants we gave away at a previous event).

Last week the UCU rehabilitated exiting microirrigation at a greenhouse we will be using to start many of the plants. The greenhouse is located at the UF Tropical Research and Education Center. Automated irrigation is going to make our little nursery much more productive!

Many of the original irrigation system's pipes were broken, so the UCU stepped in to make repairs - displaying great technique: well placed PVC cleaner and not too much blue glue.

The system was also slightly redesigned. Three of the tables are irrigated using drip irrigation while the fourth has micro sprays. Below, Jesus is running new pipe to the microspray table.

Drip irrigation up close before repair.

Laying out the drip irrigation line and emitters, preparing the table for plants.

Microspray irrigation: this table will be used to grow plants from cuttings. The irrigation will be run in very short intervals throughout the day.

A valve timer (below) is used to control the irrigation for each table.

The FYN greenhouse is officially ready for plants! Tomorrow we will be potting some new plants and placing them in our greenhouse. Stay posted to see pictures and learn about how you can win one of our plants!

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  1. WoW! at first thank you for sharing with us :) second you built nice irrigation system! she looks so great. i looking for one like this.