Monday, July 12, 2010

Aquatic Plant Raffle

Saturday July 17th at the Fruit and Spice Park

Take a sneak peak at the aquatic plants that will raffled off during lunch at the Rain Barrel workshop this Saturday. Attend one or both workshops and join us for the aquatic plant raffle.

9 am to noon
Water Gardening and Fish Ponds Workshop ($25). Contact Chris Rollins to register (305) 247-5727

Noon to 1 pm
Lunch break and plant raffle at the Mango Cafe

1 pm to 3 pm
Rain Barrel/Water Conservation Workshop ($45). Contact Barbara McAdam to register (305) 248-3311

Plants that will be in the raffle include:
Native Iris/Iris virginica

Rain Lilies

Native Duck Potato/Sagittaria lanciflora

Native Pickerelweed/Pontederia cordata

Native Spikerush

Native Sweetscent

Native Hyssop - Native White Starrush

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