Thursday, May 27, 2010

Green Spaces in Urban Places

My husband and I recently went on vacation to New York City.  We saw beautiful architecture, walked busy streets, attended a couple of shows, and visited a museum. In addition to the wonderful "big city" things we did, we also got to see some beautiful parks and urban gardens.  Everyone knows about Central Park, which was truly breathtaking, but we also saw small parks scattered all over the city.

One such place was the High Line Park in Manhattan's West Side.  The park, elevated above the street, was originally built in the 1930's for freight trains traveling through the area.  Now it is a relaxing green space featuring beautiful plants and lovely views.

Old railroad tracks

The plants used in the park are low-maintenance, so no irrigation system was ever installed.  This beautiful park thrives off rainfall alone! In South Florida, we can create beautiful landscapes that do not require irrigation.  Please visit our Low-Maintenance Plants for South Florida publication for a list of plants that can survive and be beautiful without driving up your water bill or taxing the aquifer.

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