Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Efficient sprinklers?

Are you sick of your sprinkler system getting more water on the pavement than on the grass?  Spray type sprinklers (seen below) are one of the most inefficient types of sprinklers.

Sprays do not generally apply water uniformly and if there is a steady wind during irrigation, then water will end up on the grass and everywhere else (evaporated or on the sidewalk and/or street).

In addition, sprays apply water very quickly compared to rotors (seen below).

As in the picture below, the Urban Conservation Unit (UCU) often sees properties that have a zone irrigated using both sprays and rotors, with the grass generally irrigated by the rotors.

This means the plants with the lowest water requirement (shrubs) actually receive the most water (often too much) because they are irrigated using the sprays which apply water more quickly on average than rotors.  Try replacing sprays with a new type of sprinkler featuring a rotary nozzle.

These sprinklers are made by several different manufacturers and go by many different names (stream sprays, rotary nozzles, rotators, etc.).  Unlike sprays, these sprinklers apply water slowly and more evenly.  This means less swampy areas in the ornamental landscape beds and less water used!

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